Welcome To Glendale AFC!

Started up in 1972 from the former St. Katherine’s Club as a part of their youth policy, we entered the Under Eighteen League of the Aberdeenshire Juvenile Association.  However towards the end of that season it became very apparent there was a lack of interest from certain areas which led us to break away from this arrangement.

In this respect I  was helped greatly by my friend and neighbour Mr Archie Morrison who acquired the services of the late Jack Gall former proprietor of the Glenlivet Bar as our sponsor.  Hence the GLEN in our name. With the aid of our lads at school we recruited players from Banchory Academy, Inverurie and the Mackie Academy, Stonehaven. From the Hills and DALES you mights say. So GLENDALE was born.

After five years in the Youth League we entered the Under Twenty-Seven District League which went into abeyance in 1983, which entailed us to move in to the Amateur ranks where we gained promotion from Div.7 to Div.1 in consecutive season. 

If success is portrayed by the amount of trophies that are in your cupboard, then we have not done too well. But if you measure it by the camaraderie and loyalty and affection that has been cemented over the years by this club, then we must be a super club indeed.

With my grateful thanks to all,


Charlie Summers

Founding Father of Glendale